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Vision Institute Reveals Their Back to School Promo
The Hannibal Regional Medical Group's Vision Institute revealed its "Back to School" sales promotion for summer 2014, offering student eye exams for only $59 and 50% off a pair of complete glasses or 50% off a 1-year supply of contacts when your student has their eyes checked with us.
Dr. Lollar Is Fundraising For A Cause
Dr. Lollar, ENT with Hannibal Regional Medical Group, has found ways to support two important causes and have some fun while doing it.

Foot Pain
The foot is a complex structure of 26 bones and 33 joints, layered with an intertwining web of more than 120 muscles, ligaments, and nerves. It’s no wonder so many people suffer from foot pain. 

Oral Cancer Screening
More than 43,000 Americans who were diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal cancer last year.
Donation from Shelbina Family Practice
On Wednesday, March 26, the Salt River Community Care nursing home received a Bionix Otoclear Ear Irrigation system donated by Hannibal Regional Medical Group’s (HRMG) Shelbina Family Practice.
Vision Open House
The event was a great way to show off the new facility and parking lot that was completed earlier this year.
HRMG offers FREE Medicare Informational Seminar

HRMG Plastic Surgeon First In Area To Offer New Breast Implant Option
The FDA approval of Natrelle® 410 shaped gel implants provides an important new alternative to traditional round implants for women considering breast augmentation, reconstruction or revision surgery,



 Luvell Glanton, Jr., MD
Luvell Glanton, Jr., MD 
Hannibal Regional Medical Group is now offering patients the new Medtronic AdaptiveStim™ with RestoreSensor™ neurostimulation system, the first and only chronic pain treatment that leverages motion sensor technology found in many consumer electronics, such as smart phones and computer gaming systems, to provide effective pain relief and convenience to patients suffering from chronic back and/or leg pain.

AdaptiveStim with RestoreSensor helps treat the symptoms of chronic back and/or leg pain by automatically recognizing and remembering the correlation between a change in body position and the level of stimulation needed. It also records and stores the frequency of posture changes, providing feedback to clinicians to help them understand how a patient’s individual stimulation requirements are changing over time. 

Neurostimulation systems consist of an implantable medical device similar to a pacemaker that is used with a handheld patient programmer to interrupt pain signals from reaching the brain. The treatment has become a mainstay of chronic pain management; however, a person’s change in body position and physical activity can result in the wrong amount of stimulation, creating understimulation and overstimulation. As a result, patients may need to make frequent manual adjustments using a handheld patient programmer. AdaptiveStim with RestoreSensor provides a solution by recognizing and automatically adjusting stimulation as a patient continuously changes position, providing effective pain relief and convenience.  

“For many patients with chronic pain, convenient is hardly a word that often comes to mind,” said Luvell Glanton, Jr., MD, Pain Management Specialist with Hannibal Regional Medical Group,  one of the first medical centers in the nation to offer the new therapy.  “AdaptiveStim with RestoreSensor uses breakthrough technology to offer comfort and convenience to the many patients who previously had to adjust neurostimulation system settings using a patient programmer. This new offering gives these chronic pain patients an important new option to help manage their pain symptoms and enable the return to their normal activities.”

Additional information about Medtronic’s neurostimulation therapies for chronic pain, including AdaptiveStim with RestoreSensor, is available at, by visiting  or by calling Dr. Glanton’s office at 573-629-3500.
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